FINCA Honduras relies heavily on all its employees, all of whom are constantly at work to improve the services we provide our clients. We would especially like to thank the Call Center for its continuously excellent performance. During the last week of May, the Call Center demonstrated its commitment to our clients by operating for 12 uninterrupted hours every day. This marked the beginning of a monthly additional service that the Call Center will provide to our clients.

The performance and commitment of our colleagues was greatly beneficial to FINCA and to our clients. During May, delayed payments of 1-14 days (PAR 1) went down 6%, providing us with a better financial equilibrium so that we can continue growing. In addition, clients were guaranteed assistance no matter when they called.

Our Call Center continues to maintain the level and rhythm of work that it has demonstrated since its first day, verifying daily credits, helping to prevent delayed payments, and measuring the level of satisfaction among clients, in addition to other services.

We know that the achievements of one department or agency are the achievements of all the personnel at FINCA Honduras. We depend on each other every day to be able to combat poverty and help our clients as much as possible.

It is fundamental that we continue to grow and avoid situations that in the future might negatively affect our activities, such as client information that is not up to date.

Many thanks to all those who have believed in FINCA Honduras and in our entire family.