The project objective, which is being executed by the Fundacion Para el Desarollo Empresarial Rural (FUNDER), is to promote better income and employment opportunities for producers of Cacao in Central America (Procacao Honduras). The Fondo de Fomento and promotion of the financial services for the production and commercialization of cacao was constituted.

This project involves multiple partners including, the Fundacion Hondureña de Investigacion Agricola (FHIA), the Asociacion de Productores de Cacao Honduras (APROCACAO) and the Agencia Suiza para el Desarollo y la Cooperación (COSUDE).

The role of Financiera FINCA in this Project is to cater to clients in rural areas, facilitate the acquisition of supplies and fixed assets through loans properly evaluated socioeconomically by our Loan Officers in FINCA and complemented by the technical and agronomic evaluations by FHIA and FUNDER.