Those were the words of one of our longest standing clients from Catacamas, who expressed their gratitude to FFH for offering its clients a more spacious and optimal place to carry out their transactions. The branch in Catacamas´s new local is situated on the west facing corner from where it was formerly found. The new branch is completely equipped and spacious, it has two floors and can comfortably accommodate meetings with Village Banking clients without affecting those individual clients who visit regularly to send remittances and pay for their public services.

The new branch was officially inaugurated on Monday, February 16 with the attendance of dozens of clients that have trusted in the products and services of FFH from the moment we originally arrived in Catacamas.

The clients highlighted the improvements in service and image that FFH has implemented such as the special area dedicated to children called – Cuentahorritos and the addition of another service counter to offer a more efficient service and thankful that the lack of space will no longer be an impediment.

In attendance was Juan More (CEO) and Miguel Jimenez (COO). Also in attendance was special guest, Marlon Claros- Branch Manager Juticalpa.