Saturday, June 7 marked the first raffle of FINCA´s new promotion ¨Save, pay, and earn now¨ in Juticalpa, Olancho. This promotion aims to create a new culture of punctual payments by giving clients the opportunity to participate in a raffle and win a food basket if they meet certain requirements.

The raffle is weekly and occurs every Saturday, giving all clients the opportunity to make their credit payments during the week. But for this promotion, clients not only have to make punctual payments, but must also save voluntarily and make deposits of Lps. 200 (Lempira).

For every payment or deposit made by the clients, they receive a coupon to participate in the raffle for the food basket. The first winner of ¨Save, pay, and earn now¨ was Mrs. Julia Acosta Figueroa, a partner of the small group ¨Mi Esperanza, La Concepción¨ (My Hope, The Conception).

This promotion will run through the month of June and we aspire to replicate this raffle in various other agencies. We hope that this initiative of Marlon Del Cid, the head of the Juticalpa agency, will mark a standard of strategies to decrease delayed payments and to incentivize saving in our clients on a national level.