On June 20th our agency in Trojes celebrated its re-inauguration. The agency in Trojes opened in January 2013, and FINCA took this opportunity over a year later to celebrate the successes of its clients in the area. Today, the office has six employees and over 700 clients.

The event began with words of welcome from Roger Izaguirre, the head of the agency; Patricia Castellanos, assistant head of deposits; Elvis Mejía, who owns a cable company and partners with FINCA; and Juan More, CEO of FINCA Honduras. Each person expressed their deep thanks for their clients´ continued support of and belief in FINCA, as well as their hope to continue working together in the future.

The speeches were followed by a raffle of food baskets which went to five clients: Marle Santos, Francisco García, Juana Corrales, Megdalia Maldonado, and Marta Peralta. Finally, guests were invited to mingle and enjoy some refreshments.

During its year and a half of existence, our Trojes agency has attempted to provide as many services as possible to benefit its clients. As in all our agencies, it is possible to pay electricity and water bills at the office. However, Trojes, unlike our other agencies, also enables its clients to pay both their cable pill and school tuition for their children, if their children go to Escuela Juventud de Oriente (Eastern Youth School), which is run by one of our Trojes clients and her husband.

Overall the event was a success, and throughout the message to guests was clear: to all of us who work at FINCA, the most important thing is you. Thank you for always believing is us and in yourselves.