This loan is aimed to satisfy the financial needs of clients who live in rural areas where FINCA operates. Its main purpose is to finance business ventures related to agriculture and livestock through working capital or fixed assets.

In the IL-Ag credit plan, a client can receive from HNL. 3,000 to HNL 200,000 and the loan term can be extended up to 48 months. The monthly payment will be determined by the client’s net cash flow and payment capacity.


  • Must be a Honduran citizen by birth or naturalization (+21 years old); or
  • A legal foreign resident with at least 5 years of residence in Honduras
  • Must have at least 1 year of residence in the same neighborhood or community
  • Strong personal references
  • Must own or be the majority shareholder of a commercial or industrial business
  • Business references proving 6 months of operations
  • Good credit history
  • If this is your first credit, you must present a copy of a utility bill (electricity or water)