A Savings Account is designated by the investment banking where the principal saver, delegates the custody and management of the funds to a financial institution; which repays with an agreed upon interest rate. The principal characteristic is that there is no set time of possession, since the saving is voluntary. At FINCA Honduras, you can open your savings account with only 1 Lempira.

There are two types of savings accounts:

  • Savings Account

  • Check Account

Requirements for Individuals:

  • 18+ years old

  • Valid identity card (foreigners must provide passport)

  • 2 personal or bank references


  • Birth certificate

  • Identity card of a parent or legal guardian


  • Legal document of representative and all the people authorized to sign on the account

  • Document or Statutes explaing the goals and objectives of the business

  • RTN (National Bank Registration)

  • 2 Bank references