Alma y Marlo

Over 25 years ago Marlo Landaverde was just a high school teacher working in a public school in Trojes. But even then he had a dream of providing the highest level of education to the children he saw growing up around him.

Yolanda Vallejo

Yolanda Vallejo lives on the outskirts of Trojes, a small town in Eastern Honduras close to the border with Nicaragua.

Megdalia Maldonado

Megdalia Maldonado runs a clothing shop in a small room off to the side of her home. Inside her shop are piled high mountains of clothing shipped to her town in Honduras from the United States.

Joaquin Lopez

Joaquin Lopez is a shy and soft spoken older gentleman. But his modesty masks the story of a man who has worked hard his entire life to provide for his family. Joaquin never went to school, and can barely right his own name.

Sandra Andero

Sandra Andero is a mother of two young boys who in November of 2013 decided that she wanted to begin contributing to her family´s income.