Founded in 1989, FINCA Honduras is a non-banking financial institution that started operations as an NGO. FH is currently licensed to accept savings deposits, and serves both rural and urban areas of Honduras through its fourteen branches.

FINCA Honduras’ main goal is to provide a broad range of diversified financial services to low-income entrepreneurs, so they can create jobs, build assets, improve their standard of living and, above all, fight poverty.

In 2007 FH became a Financial Institution and opened its first subsidiary in Choluteca in June, 2008. Since then, 14 more subsidiaries have been opened across the country, with headquarters located in Tegucigalpa. Currently, FINCA Honduras serves nearly 28,000 customers. In March 2008, FINCA Honduras officially became regulated by the National Commission of Banking and Insurance (CNBS), and prides itself on being one of three institutions that anually fulfills local banking standards.

More than half of Hondurans live in poverty, and the country’s per capita income is one of the lowest in Latin America. Poverty rates are high among rural and indigenous people, especially in the south and west, and along the eastern border. FINCA Honduras offers Village Banking, solidarity, and individual and local currency loans, as well as voluntary savings, fixed term deposits and insurance products.